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A Daughter’s experience

Pamela Cliff (patient) & Karen Pressland (daughter of patient) discuss how valuable our services have been in aiding Pamela’s Rehabilitation after she suffered a stroke back in March 2012.

My mother had a severe stroke in March 2012. She received extensive physio, occupational and speech therapy sessions as part of her rehabilitation whilst in hospital, but the highlight for her was the Animal Assisted Therapy that she had once a week.  At the first pet therapy session mum had very limited movement in her right side and her speech was quite hard to understand most of the time, she was also very up and down with mood swings.  The improvement was immediate, she was smiling and she tried so hard with the exercises that were asked, stroking and brushing the dog and just to see her look happy was fantastic.  Mum had a number of sessions and her mental and physical improvement was quite remarkable, she so looked forward to the sessions, it was the highlight of her week and it got her wanting to do things that in an ordinary setting she may have been reluctant to do.”

“From my perspective, as Pam’s daughter, this is such an invaluable service as I have witnessed not only to stroke victims, but also for people with other physical and mental conditions.  When mum was in the Acute Stroke Unit we were told that her chances of recovering mobility, speech and any kind of independence were highly unlikely but here we are in August 2013 and she lives at home with carers visiting to assist with washing and cooking, she is fully mobile with a walker and stair lift and also fully regained her speech and writing abilities.  I will never forget how a huge part of her recovery was helped by the Animal Assisted Therapy sessions.

Date 22 Sep, 2017

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