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Louise’s Testimonial

After 3.5 years of traditional physiotherapy had literally got me back on my feet and drained my bank account, I was investigating alternative means of progressing with my rehab when a friend suggested I go along to a stroke rehab dogs session as it looked like good fun.

I did exactly that and am so pleased I did. I’ve been attending for about six months now and have seen massive improvements in my self-confidence and mood.


Monday is now my favourite day of the week as its Stroke Rehab Dogs day, and I look forward to the sessions every week – they never fail to put a smile on my face.


Sallie and her magnificent team of multi-talented volunteers with their adorable dogs have created an environment where stroke survivors feel cared for and can thrive, gaining in confidence as they work in a positive atmosphere on activities which are therapeutic and most importantly fun and enjoyable.

I’d recommend Stroke Rehab Dogs to any stroke survivor who may be feeling tired of the repetitive and mundane activities that have dominated their early rehabilitation and want some fun in their lives for a change! It’s had a huge impact on my well being and I’ve seen massive improvements in other clients too

Date 26 Jan, 2018

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